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Google Review Cards

  • Boost Google Review with Google Review NFC card & Standee
  • Customized premium NFC business cards & Mettalic cards
  • Customized NFC cards for Instagram, YouTube, Websites

Delivering Worldwide

  • India
  • Dubai
  • USA
  • Australia
  • Upwork
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Give your business Ad School Glucose to grown in 2024

Ad School Marketing Glucose Products

Ad School Marketing Glucose provide 360 degree marketing solution from physical products like NFC Cards, Review Cards, LED Standee, LED Bill Board, Print on Demand Service along with SEO & Digital marketing Service.


1. NFC Cards
2. Review Cards
3. Sparkle Business Cards
4. LED Standees & Billboards 5. print on Demand Service

Digital Marketing

1. SEO & Content marketing
2. Google, Fb, X & TikTok ads
3. Influencer marketing
4. Press Release Service
5. Landing Page & App Design

NFC Smart Cards

Why NFC Smart Cards?


No Physical touch. Just Tap to share.

Time Saving

Hassle Free, easy access & reduce the steps & save time.

Easy Google Review

Get Google review from customers super quick.

Stand Out

Give a impressive first impression to customers.

Shop product range

Customized NFC products to grow your business 10X

Customized Products for Business

Ad School Print on Demand Service

Font Library

Select font style, color, size for text

Quick Designs

Quickly create various design for your customized products

Free Icons, Graphics

Use Icons & Graphics elements totally free to design

Free Images

Use Images from stocks totally free, and customize your product.

Design your own

How does Print on Demand works?

Top quality

We have top printing service with top quality products.

Product Range

Get print on demand service on Tshirt, bottles, visiting card & in so many other products

Worldwide Delivery

With worldwide quick delivery option.

Ad School Digital Marketing Service

Explore products
Design your own

Shop product range

10,000+ of free images, icons, and graphics

A full administration printing background. Print shirts for yourself or your online business

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  • Rahul Mehta
    Highly Recommend!
    The Google Review Standee is amazing. Customers love the NFC feature for quick reviews. Our review count has soared. A must-have for any business!
  • Sarah Davis
    Fantastic Product
    The Google Review Standee has made it incredibly easy for our customers to leave reviews. The NFC feature is quick and convenient. We've received more reviews than ever!
  • Ahmed Al-Farsi
    I had a great experience with Google Review Card
    The Google Review card has revolutionized our review collection process. The NFC feature is very popular with our customers. It's a must-have for any business!
  • Mohammed Hassan
    Effortless Reviews!
    The smart standee has made getting reviews effortless. The NFC feature is quick and easy to use. Our review count has increased substantially. Excellent investment!
  • Priya Sharma
    Excellent Product
    The NFC-enabled standee is super user-friendly. It's made collecting reviews so easy. Our customers appreciate the convenience. Highly effective!
  • Jennifer Martinez
    Smart Standee really works
    This smart standee has made it very easy for customers to leave reviews. The NFC tap feature is fantastic. We've seen a significant increase in reviews. Great investment!
  • Sameera Khan
    The Google Review Standee is a fantastic tool. The NFC feature is very user-friendly, and even non-NFC users find it easy to scan and review. Our review count has soared!
  • Linda Johnson
    NFC card got me 300 review in a month
    The smart standee is outstanding. Our customers love the convenience of the NFC feature for quick reviews. It’s boosted our online presence and improved customer engagement. Fantastic investment!

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You’ve got the ideas, we’ve got the tools

Thousands of
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  • Free Icons, Graphics
  • Font Library
  • Free images
  • Easy to create & customize

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Low minimums

Low minimums & easily customizable

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Free 24/7 design & logistics support

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